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Journey to Healing has the privilege of serving the Detroit community since 2017. The organization was founded by Shardaya Fuquay ( sister), and Misty Gregory (mother) after the traumatic death of Cleveland Gregory Jr. in 2014. Cleveland was survived by his three sons- at the time of his death, they were 1 month, 1 years-old, and 2 years -old. After experiencing a heart-wrenching unexpected loss,  we decided to help other families suffering from grief and trauma. 

The Board of Directors was established; it was important for us to have individuals that are not just mental health professionals but have empathy towards families who experience trauma. Our board of directors are diverse in age, religion, gender, and careers. Our board are professionals in social work, psychology, family therapy, education, business, and engineering; however, they have a commonality in experiencing a traumatic loss.  Journey to Healing creates opportunities for everyone to include the board of directors to continue to heal from their pain. Board members and their families are visible at programs. 

In 2018, we conducted community needs assessment and recognized that the sudden traumatic loss may also result in secondary losses such as loss of income, loss of home or other property, and strained mental and emotional wellness. Survivors of these types of death have a greater chance of developing complicated grief reactions. As well, they may be unable to function at the necessary level required to process grief, resulting in delayed grief reactions (A. G. Holtman).  


We shifted focus from grief to supporting all of levels of trauma. Our Trauma Informed Community Building Model supports families through grief and trauma; as well as identify resources for them sustain. Our holistic approach is individualized and culturally competent. We support everyone regardless of age, sex, gender, of sexual orientation and ensure our programming is inclusive. We encourage resilience in our families and work to build consciousness through intentional programming that promotes healing justice that leads to power. 

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