Trauma-Informed Community Building Model

Programming & Educational Training  Model

Check-in and fellowship
  • Complete paperwork, eat and socialize with other children, staff, and volunteers. This time is designed into the agenda to aid in children feeling more comfortable to share and express themselves freely. 
Programming: Exploration and processing/Art Therapy
  • Programming is a structured time where youth/families receive psychoeducation related to coping and healing. We explore the experience of grief and loss beyond death and dying, which allows families to explore the full range of their coping styles outside of the traumas they may have faced. Participants are given worksheets that serve as prerequisites to the activity for the day to address the various learning styles within the group. 
  • For children, art and music therapy are utilized to educate them on how to identify and process their emotions based on their development as well as normalizing the experience of adverse emotion. We do this by providing various sensorimotor, tactile, and expressive activities for the children to use as aids to process their thoughts and feelings. 
Healing circle expression: 
  • The healing circle expression time is an opportunity for participants to discuss and express how the activities can aid them in progressing through their healing. Participants are not required to present their work; the group engages in a group mindfulness activity to help contain any emotions that may have come up during programming
Wrap up and departure:
  • This time is reserved for families to reconvene and discuss their experiences with one another, speak directly to a clinician, and receive information on future programming/ask questions.  Multiple clinicians are available for community members in the event participants do not feel emotionally safe to leave immediately after programming. 

 Journey to Healing has the privilege of serving the Detroit community since 2017. We are dedicated to connecting families who have experienced trauma related to grief and loss to resources, education, and awareness to decrease stigma associated with mental health. Our goal is to empower communities through our Trauma Informed Community Building Model. This strategic plan identifies neighborhoods in Detroit, based on a mental health needs assessment completed by the community. We use this as our foundation to create intentional programming for children and families to improve healthier outcomes.

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